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Participate in the 2015 Survey

Sign up for this important research and contribute to an accurate estimate of the extent and nature of substance use in Texas.

The Texas School Survey of Drug and Alcohol Use has been conducted in Texas schools since 1988. The survey covers prevalence of substance use, factors affecting youth substance use, and students’ attitudes toward substance use. Local school district surveys are offered each year, with a statewide survey conducted every two years.

Both the statewide survey and the local school district survey use identical survey instruments. Data from the statewide sample are incorporated into an over-time database maintained by DSHS to track trends in substance use so that policymakers at the state level have up-to-date information upon which to base decisions and plot prevention strategies. These data also serve as an overall standard of comparison for use by those at the local level to interpret and act upon survey findings in a similar way.

Schools included in the statewide sample will receive survey materials at no cost and are eligible for a cash incentive to help offset survey administration expenses. For more information on how to enroll your school for the survey or if you have questions that are not answered in the materials here, please visit our page.